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Black Cinderella Book Pdf [UPD] Free Download In Hindi

In his book, Bilal ibn Rabah, Muhammad Abdul-Rauf states that Bilal "was of a handsome and impressive stature, dark brown complexion with sparkling eyes, a fine nose and bright skin. He was also gifted with a deep, melodious, resonant voice. He wore a beard which was thin on both cheeks. He was endowed with great wisdom and a sense of dignity and self esteem."[9]Similarly, in his book The Life of Muhammad, William Muir states that Bilal "was tall, dark, and with African feature and bushy hair."[10] Muir also states that noble members of the Quraysh despised Bilal and called him "Ibn Sawda" (son of the black woman).[10]

Black Cinderella book pdf free download in hindi


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