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Robbie Williams | Lost (XXV) [WORK]

As we are not the event organisers, we recommend that you check -on/robbie-williams/ for event-specific information. We will endeavour to pass on any updates, including scheduling changes and cancellations, as soon as we receive them but cannot guarantee this.

Robbie Williams | Lost (XXV)


We\u2019re not rewinding very far this time \u2013 we\u2019re looking at the standard edition of Robbie\u2019s latest album XXV, discussing the new orchestrations of his greatest hits, including new song Lost!\u00a0 We\u2019re even joined by the co-writer of Lost, Oli Swan, who explains how he became friends with Rob and ended up writing music with him!\u00a0 Our special guest fan is Robbie from Canada, who tells us what made him become a Robbie fan, what Robbie\u2019s music means to him, and how being a Robbie fan is a family affair in his house!======If there is an advert in this episode details will appear below:Between the NotesA podcast dedicated to celebrating the magic of music, one week at a time.Listen on: Apple Podcasts \u00a0 Spotify======**About Robbie Williams Rewind**Join husband and wife Matt and Lucy, as they rewind through legendary pop star Robbie Williams\u2019 solo career. Each episode, they have a guest fan to help us relive Robbie\u2019s incredible music and tours.Visit: to discover more episodes, track listings & photos!Follow: @rewindrobbie on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & TikTok.","title":"EP35 - XXV (Part 1)","image":"","guid":"Buzzsprout-12049335","publish_date":"2023-01-18T04:00:00+00:00","duration":"02:38:07"}],"playerId":"jetpack-podcast-player-block-2169-5"}Co-writer of Lost, Oli Swan with RobbieAfter listening you can checkout our playlist which we update with our favourite songs each time we release a new episode, available on: Apple Music, Spotify & YouTube. 041b061a72


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