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|BEST| Download Borang Socso 8a

Employer and employees are able to file claims and review the receipts electronically or send them using the post. Claims can be submitted at the web portal, but they can also be submitted at the SOCSO offices or by calling the Workplace Accident Line.

Download Borang Socso 8a


6. Where the employer of the domestic worker is exempt from SOCSO contributions under the agreement, and the domestic workers are registered and hired on or before the effective date of this new regulation, the employer is exempted from any contribution for the period under the governments concession agreement or for the period of the domestic workers presence under the private sector. If the employer and domestic worker's period of presence under the private sector is more than the effective date of 1 June 2021, contributions must be made for the entire period.

You registered with SOCSO 8 months ago, and you have not made any contributions to EIS. You and your domestic worker have now registered with SOCSO for the first time this year. Your domestic worker will be registered as a new entry. Your contributions towards your domestic worker's EIS will now be based on the new government contribution rate of 12.8%.

1. Electronic copy of employer's Identity Card, service document and attested copies of all certificates including certificates of Service and Consent to Employ, Police clearance etc. (Note: should be submitted at the time of registration). 2. A copy of Passport or latest work permit. If the Employer's Identity Card or Service document is different from the original, it must also be submitted. 3. A copy of the employer's current working address (Note: records are not to be submitted from a previous address) 4. A copy of the Employer's Identity Card (Note: should be submitted at the time of registration) 5. A copy of the Work Permit or other Service Contract. 6. Completed Borang 8A Report 7. Completed SSFDW Report - for foreign domestic worker/s


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