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Hiragana And Katakana Flash Cards !!LINK!!

Before we get started with how to learn hiragana and katakana effectively, you need to understand exactly what the hiragana and katakana alphabets are. The Japanese written language was originally borrowed from Chinese.

Hiragana and Katakana Flash Cards


Learning hiragana and katakana early in your Japanese studies is essential. It guarantees you a good foothold on the Japanese language ladder, and if kanji prove too overwhelming, learning hiragana and katakana will serve you well for a long time.

This is, hands down, the quickest and most effective way to learn hiragana and katakana clearly and confidently. Hai! is a small company started by a couple who have studied Japanese together and are now based in Tokyo.

As experienced learners, they have approached the design of these mnemonic flashcards with consideration and artistry. The artist Charlotte also does wonderful prints which you can check out on her website.

Using this mnemonic flash card method to learn hiragana and katakana, you can master one of these two alphabets in a single afternoon. Then, continue to check back, practice writing them, cover up the cards and sound out the characters, until you are confident.

Learning plus decorating your home can go hand in hand. These stunning A3 riso prints from Geri Draws Japan mean you can practice as you walk past or from bed. These are a perfect support for anyone already learning hiragana and katakana or if you simply want something beautiful to look at.

While the game is designed to teach players both hiragana and katakana, it is also just a fun puzzle game in its own right, combining some truly stellar chiptune melodies with gorgeous pixel art backgrounds that paint a picture of life in Japan.

If you prefer to take charge of your own studies, you can use Anki to make your own flashcards by installing a Japanese keyboard on your phone and using it to stamp a single hiragana character on one side of a digital flashcard.

The beauty of making your own mnemonics is that you are in full control of your own studies. So, simply look at each hiragana and katakana character and decide what they look look to you, then draw it out on paper or a flash card; whatever helps you memorise the sound of that character.

WaniKani primarily focuses on teaching kanji and vocabulary. The flashcards are constructed based on kanji radicals, breaking every character down into its individual parts and teaching them with easy-to-remember mnemonics starring fun characters like the crabigator and friendly, often silly explanations.

Most digital flashcards feature only the vocabulary word and their English translation (or audio pronunciation at best), but FluentU allows you to generate mixed-media Japanese flashcards. You can type in any Japanese word and FluentU will create the flashcard for you.

When studying flashcards in the app, you can input your answer via text or speech recognition, which is great for getting in that speaking practice. Upon finishing your deck of new terms, the app suggests additional words that you may want to learn.

SpeakEasy provides phrase sets in multiple languages, including Japanese, and has flashcards you can use for studying and to quiz yourself. The app is free to try, but in-app purchases are available.

The kanji flashcards come in three sets based on complexity. Each kanji flashcard depicts the stroke order of each individual kanji, as well as some words that include the kanji. The sets even show some kanji that look alike, so that you can practice avoiding mixing them up with each other.

iKana touch (Aitas student's comment) It costs $3.99, but for the price, offers a lot of useful features. It provides a flash-card feature that can quiz you on hiragana, katakana, and other character sets. You can build custom flash card sets (where you select specific characters to add for testing.) It also keeps track of your incorrect answers, so you can practice just those ones. 041b061a72


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