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The Walking Dead: Survivors APK - Build, Fight and Explore in the Official Game

Build your survival strategy and always be on the lookout, because in addition to the walkers, you will have to fight with other survivors, who may be much more dangerous than the dead. Recruit other heroes to your team and use their skills and strengths in the fight against evil spirits. Team up with players around the world and communicate with them using the built-in translator. Can you not only survive, but also preserve the qualities of a decent person? Play and find out who you would become in the post-Apocalypse world.

the walking dead survivors apk download

This free-will survival game follows the characters as they explore various parts of the city they have been trapped in, trying to find food and water to sustain themselves. The story line revolves around a war going on between the living and the dead, although there is little or no combat. As the player interacts with the different areas and various characters in the game, new survivors will join the group, and new monsters will start to attack. By interacting with the characters, solving puzzles and making use of special items provided, the player slowly increases in levels as they complete tasks given to them by the game's artificial intelligence system.

The Walking Dead: Survivors opens a fascinating survival quest. Paired with construction gameplay in a post-apocalyptic world. Aim against the scary zombies that are trying to attack. Or escape from other survivors and dangerous enemies. According to the information provided, the game opens to a large map. With countless locations and divided into many different areas. Along with that is a lot of resources that need to be exploited and accumulated. As well as important items used in development. There are also many characters involved. They are the lucky survivors of the deadly disaster of the world. You will have to recruit to lead, together against the enemy. Moreover, it is possible to create clans to be ready for the battles for control.


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